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What Are Ceramides?

What Are Ceramides?

Everything you need to know

With so many trending ingredients from superfoods to ceramides, it’s hard to keep up. It’s even harder to figure out which ones actually live up to the hype. Well, when it comes to ceramides — everyone should be using them. Let’s find out why!

What are ceramides?

To put it simply, they’re skin-identical lipids that make up to 50% of the skin’s composition and are integral to the health and wellness of the skin both aesthetically and functionally. When it comes to the structure of your skin you have to think of it as a house with brick and mortar. Obviously, that brick and mortar are holding the house together and the same goes for ceramides. Your skin cells are the brick and ceramides can be thought of as the “mortar” or “glue” that binds them together. As you can imagine, this is essential for the health of your skin.

What are the benefits ?

Besides being important to your skin’s structure, this vital ingredient maintains your skin’s moisture barrier. This barrier is your bodyguard against environmental stressors, sun damage, premature aging, and it ultimately helps to lock in moisture.

To break it down, it’s the key to smooth, plump skin, and nine times out of ten if you’re dealing with a skin condition, a healthy dose of ceramides can help to alleviate it. It’s one of those foundational ingredients along with anti-aging powerhouses like — retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid — that are musts to have in your routine.

💛 Where can you find them ?

Although ceramides are naturally produced by the body, they deplete with age much like collagen. So, it’s important to supplement your routine with a ceramide-rich product to maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

Bell Pepper Serum

Luckily, you can easily get this ingredient in many different formulations from serums to moisturizers. If your skin is on the oilier side, we’d suggest adding in a dose of lightweight moisture with a ceramide-rich serum like the Bell Pepper Serum. This formula calms redness and inflammation, intensely hydrates, and strengthens your skin barrier. This is thanks to a combination of ceramides, soothing ingredients like Centella and Panthenol, and pure vitamin C. It’s the perfect combo of ingredients to combat irritation. We love reaching for it when our skin is feeling a bit sensitive. It’s a great way to get your skin back in shape and retain moisture.

Bell Pepper Serum

Salmon Cream

Salmon Cream

Another great way to get your dose of ceramides is in a moisturizer. We can’t live without the Salmon Cream. The whipped texture is to die for as it is incredibly rich in moisture while remaining lightweight. It’s also infused with skin-fortifying ceramides, plumping adenosine, AND omega-3 fatty acid-rich salmon caviar. The luxe formula combines the best of anti-aging with nourishing ceramides to firm, plump, and smooth skin. It’s a great everyday moisturizer for all skin types!


There are some ingredients you absolutely need in your routine and ceramides are one of them. They are essential to maintaining your skin health so you can stay glowing with healthy, nourished skin.

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