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These treatment products utilize the detoxifying and antioxidant properties
of different kinds of tea, along with other vegan upcycled ingredients,
to tackle dry skin concerns, including dehydration, puffiness, and dullness.

To maximize efficacy, the tea ingredients are carefully dried and aged
—then each tea is steeped at an optimal temperature to extract its full benefits.

with interest-free financing.

Hydrangea Tea Intensive Hydration Serum

An intensely hydrating serum that restores plump and bounce


Apple Matcha Tea Clearing Toner

Mattifying bi-phase toner that reduces excess shine and combats blemishes


Chamomile Tea Face Cleanser

Brightening cleanser that targets congestion


Peach Kombucha Tea Purifying Clay Mask

A non-drying 10-minute detoxifying treatment that balances oil and refines pores


Peony Tea Glow Oil

A 2-in-1 facial oil and primer for luminous skin and makeup


Purple Tea Body Oil

The answer to glowing skin with a silky, grease-free finish


Hibiscus Tea Glow Mist

Hydrate. Glow. Refresh.


English Breakfast Tea Treatment Essence

Restore. Plump. Moisturize.


Rose Tea Eye Cream

The key to radiant-looking eyes