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Six Ways To Make Your Skin and Beauty Routine Sanitary

Hygiene is number one!

Truth is our skincare routines are probably not hygienic as we think. From makeup brushes that we barely clean to dipping our fingers directly into our jar products, we’ve all got some dirty habits. But, you have to remember your routine means coming into close contact with your face, nose, and mouth so it is absolutely necessary to maintain a hygienic routine. Here are some easy ways to make it as sanitary as possible.

Always Wash Your Hands Before Starting Your Skincare

This is the basis for your entire routine so before you go applying your balm cleanser or splashing water on your face — washing your hands comes first. Wash thoroughly with antibacterial soap for a minimum of 20 seconds making sure to get every nook and cranny especially under your fingernails. Another essential, dry your hands! A recent Mayo Clinic study suggests that bacteria are more likely to transfer from a wet surface rather than a dry one so dry your hands with a clean paper towel first before diving into your routine.

Use The Spatula Provided

Although a lot of products come with spatulas they are more than just accent pieces. They are designed to remove the product from the jar so you don’t have to. This helps to keep bacteria at bay improving both the shelf life and ensuring you are protected from unnecessary bacteria that can cause the product to go rancid.

Skip on Washcloths

We know some of you may like to pat your face dry with a washcloth but they can harbor tons of bacteria especially in a household with multiple people. When in doubt, air dry! But, if you hate a wet face and neck, go in with a clean, dry washcloth every time. This means one-time use only! This will help to prevent any potential spread of bacteria and keep your skincare routine as hygienic as well.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

This is MUST! We get it — especially if you own a ton of makeup brushes, this can be rough. But, makeup brushes harbor tons of bacteria, dead skin cells, excess oil — you name it, it’s on your makeup brush. You don’t want all of that bacteria getting on your face. We suggest cleaning your brushes at least one to two times a week and spot cleaning with an antibacterial spray in between to keep things fresh. The Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner is a great choice as it is a 99.99 percent antimicrobial disinfectant.

Wash Your Pillowcase Regularly

If you don’t already — it’s time to start. Think of it this way, as you sleep your skin is continuing to produce oil and you’re constantly tossing and turning, in turn, spreading that and other impurities from your face to your pillowcase. Regularly cleaning these surfaces will kill acne-causing bacteria and other debris so they don’t transfer to your face as you sleep.

Disinfect Your Bathroom Surfaces

Your skincare products are always coming into contact with the different surfaces in your bathroom so it’s important to not only wipe down your products but your bathroom surfaces as well. This will help to avoid transferring any bacteria from your sink to your product and eventually onto your face. Think of this as a win, win to keep things sanitary but also to help avoid any acne-causing bacteria as well.

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